Monday, June 17, 2013

Poor Choices

So I'm lactose intolerant.

 Sort of like this, except less obnoxious. You can always throw me a parade though, I wouldn't mind that too much.

But it does mean that having any sort of dairy leaves me miserable. And by miserable I mean bloated and crampy for literally an entire day afterwards. It's so fun.

But as I've been lactose intolerant for a few years now, I've sort of figured out what to avoid and how much of what I can eat without risking misery the next day and shocker or shockers, an entire bowl of ice cream is generally not the way to go.

 Maybe that's what I need to get, though I think I'm the type that needs some sort of disincentive for eating ice cream. I cannot afford new pants.

But all of this is pretty par for the course for a Monday. I have three assignments due today, a kitchen floor to scrub and a run to... run? Yeah. It'll be that sort of day.

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