Friday, June 21, 2013


So my last blog post didn't really pan out. There's been a lot of cake and ice cream eaten in the past couple of days.

Admittedly, it was my brother's birthday on Wednesday so we've had cake in addition to the ice cream we had before and it's been a little though to resist. So I haven't been resisting. Oops.

So now I'm left feeling all blah from the sheer amount of sugar and dairy I've had in the past few days and my skin is breaking out. So I'm feeling fat and ugly which is never a good way to feel but it's especially bad during the summer when I want to be running around in shorts and a tank top and not feeling super self conscious about my body, which is how I feel now.

I've never been super comfortable in my body but it's been getting better these past few years. Part of it is the fact that I am a size smaller than I was in high school and part of it is just maturing and growing out of that stage of teenage self hate that I think a lot of us go through during those years.

I really like the progress I've made, both in regards to dropping that size and - more importantly! - boosting my self esteem and I don't want to start going backwards, because when I start feeling bad about myself I stop wanting to do the things that keep me healthy and out of a funk in the first place, like working out, eating healthy and going out with my friends.

So in that spirit I'm going to try to incorporate all of those things today, by going on a run and then frantically running around getting ready so that I can meet up with my friends for dinner and paintball! Not that whatever we eat will be healthy, but as long as I can avoid the fridge after I get home I'll be happy.

And because this wasn't a very happy post, here's a puppy:

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